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WomensBiz can help you live your business dream

Kim McCormick has a holistic approach to business blending business knowledge, mindset and self-care.
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Business. Mindset. Self-care.

WomensBiz knowledge
Business knowledge is important to fully understand and grow your business. Knowledge empowers you. It helps you make better business decisions and determine what is going well in your business, or not so well. WomensBiz makes sure business information is presented simply and is easy to understand.

WomensBiz mindset
Your own thoughts and limiting beliefs can be the greatest hindrance to business success. To be successful you need to believe in yourself, believe in what you do and have a positive mindset. You must not let your thoughts get in the way of working toward and fulfilling your business dream.

WomensBiz self-care
You are the greatest asset in your business and looking after yourself is absolutely essential. Business can be very fulfilling, but it can also bring a great deal of stress. You cannot be your best self, nor have a great business if you do not feel good, and to feel good you need to take care of yourself.

WomensBiz was created in 2014 to support women on their business journey, helping them to start and build a business that they not only love, but is successful and sustainable.

What women are saying:

“I just love Kim’s down to earth approach to business and her calm way of teaching.” – Leanne White

“What I like best of all is the combination of how-to business advice with mindset and looking after yourself, it is a really well balanced approach to small business.” – Mellissa D

“Kim gently encourages you to follow your dreams with practical business advice as well as helping you overcome mindset blocks that are holding you back.” – Kathy McKenzie


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