But it’s all been done before

But it’s all been done before

But it’s all been done before

So you know how in business you’re always told that you need to be different and original to stand out from the crowd. Then you try to come up with something new and original but feel a little disheartened because it’s all been done before or you end up holding yourself back because you have lots competition doing the same thing already?

The truth is, yes it probably has been done before. But …. it hasn’t been done by you.

Nothing is ever really entirely new and 100% original, what seems to be new and original is usually just a twist on what already exists. But what makes something unique and different in business is when someone put their own personal touch on things, and expresses their uniqueness.

Remember we are all unique and different. There is no one else in the world just like you.

So that old idea, product or service that’s been around a long time or that offering that has loads of other people doing that same thing, can be made fresh, new and unique by you, when you present it with your own voice and with you own unique personality.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been done before, when you blend the ‘what you do’ with ‘who you are’.

Your uniqueness will help make your business stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal customer. Yes there might be thousands of other people doing something very similar to you, but your business offering when it comes from your own perspective and how you express yourself, will make it unique. Your ideal customer will be drawn to how you express yourself; they will resonate with your particular voice, your message and your take on things.

Now not everyone will get you or resonate with your offerings and that it totally ok. They are just not your ideal customer. Focus on the people you’re meant to serve and don’t worry about the people you’re not meant to, leave them for your competitors.

Sometimes though, we hold ourselves back from expressing our true shelves. The ‘shoulds’ get in the way. I’m a business owner therefore I should act a certain way, look a certain way and speak a certain way. My competitors websites and marketing look a certain way and is written a certain way, therefore I should do the same.

Notice where you’re holding yourself back from being authentic and expressing your uniqueness in business? What are all those things in business you’re doing because you think you should and then think about where and how you can bring your uniqueness and specialness into your business? And observe if you have a particular mindset that might be holding you back, such as, do you think you won’t be taken seriously as a business owner if you’re not like everyone else in your industry?

Honor your uniqueness, celebrate it, own it and use it.