How to beat the imposter syndrome

How to beat the imposter syndrome

How to beat the imposter syndrome

Do you ever feel that despite qualifications, awards, praise and positive feedback from peers and customers, that you can’t help but believe you’re a fraud and in any moment you are going to be found out.

If you answered yes, chances are you are suffering from what is known as the imposter syndrome.

What is the imposter syndrome?

Even though you have ample evidence that you are doing well, you feel like you are faking it and are a fraud and you don’t deserve your accomplishments. There is a disconnect between perceived and actual performance.

Men also experience the imposter syndrome, however women tend to suffer this phenomenon more so than men.

Acknowledge and take credit for your accomplishments and success

Five ways to stop feeling like a fraud

1. Take credit for your success

Don’t attribute your success only to luck, help from others or other external reasons. Do give credit to others when due, but you put in the effort, so take credit for your success. You are more likely to have achieved your accomplishments due to your own talent, intelligence and hard work.

2. Separate feelings from fact

The way you feel is not always the truth, learn how to separate feeling from fact. Facts can be observed by other people than just you, find a mentor or other support to help you do a reality check.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

When you compare yourself to others, you end up judging yourself and fall into the trap wrongly thinking they are better then you. Often people compare their weakness with other’s strengths, everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Recognise your personal progress and growth instead.

4. Accept a compliment

Accept someone’s compliment, say thank you and embrace the positive feedback. Consider keeping a praise notebook, jot down the feedback from friends, family, colleagues and clients to gather success reminders.

5. Forgive your mistakes

No one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. Remember you’re entitled to make some mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move on. If you need a helping hand then have a read of the blog post Managing failure.