Overcome your fear of being seen

Overcome your fear of being seen

Overcome your fear of being seen

While women work hard in so many ways turning their ideas into a thriving business, there are many women who hamper their success because they are afraid of being seen. Sure there are business owners who love to be in the limelight and the centre of attention, but it’s not uncommon to have a fear of being visible and wanting to shy away from any attention.

When you have a business you’re not just showing yourself to a select few people, but you are opening yourself to showing up for the world, and that can feel quite daunting.

But if you want a successful business, you absolutely must be seen and let people know about you and your business. You have to talk about what you’re doing, about yourself, what you’re offering, and to connect with others and build relationships.

If you are not being seen, ultimately you are preventing yourself from attracting clients, making money and fulfilling your dreams.

There are people who have the business you want to have, that are not nearly as good as you and not as qualified as you, simply because they are not afraid of being seen.

4 steps to overcome your fear of visibility:

Step 1: Identify your fear

Before you can deal with your fear, you need to do some self-discovery first, to get very clear what your fear of being seen really is. Everyone’s fear of being seen is a little different. Sometimes fear is the result of past experiences, sometime it is simply an imagined fear. You need to dig deep to find out what the root cause of your fear is. For example, you may be afraid of people judging and mocking you, but you want to dig much deeper to work out ‘why’ you’re afraid of being judged or mocked.

Step 2: Change your fear story

Once you’ve uncovered why you’re so afraid of being seen, you need to change your story into something positive and empowering to give you the confidence to talk about yourself, your business and your offerings. Determine your worth. Perhaps your new story is “I have created an offering that will be very helpful to people” or “My clients are attracted to me because I am authentically me”. Whatever your new story is, make sure you believe it and repeat it to yourself often.

Step 3: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Fear sometimes doesn’t go away entirely, but you can certainly soften it and reduce the impact it has on you taking action. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. There will always be new challenges and experiences in your business that will bring up fears. Change and trying new things doesn’t always feel good. Be open to new experiences and be ok with fear and nervousness.

Step 4: Take action

Start small, you don’t want to terrify yourself. Break your big dream and ideas into smaller and do-able steps. Then make sure you do those small actions. With each small action you complete, your confidence will increase incrementally, so taking that next bigger action will be a little less scarier to start and a tiny bit easier to complete.

You have something wonderful to offer the world. Don’t be afraid. Make sure you share it!